“Marionette” Video Premiere - 3/16/19

tyler pendleton, joyhood

Brooklyn’s Joyhood was formed in 2018 by frontman Tyler Pendleton. Pendleton’s lyrically-driven blend of pop and rock operates much like Joyhood’s name: vibrating with a nebulous idea of joy, unadulterated, and the comically useless pursuit of it. On Joyhood’s debut EP (due for release in 2019), Pendleton focuses in on the dynamism of a feeling, and with each song, turns that feeling into an experiment, taking his audience on unexpected—and thrilling—sonic turns. Joyhood’s collective work leaves us with a dynamic pull and push; each song simultaneously pulls on a certain nostalgic joy — “the kind one only experiences when they’re too naive to know it,” Pendleton says — and pushes the boundaries of that familiarity, with melodies that astound and transport each listener into a newly-defined future, with a soundtrack to match.

marionette, joyhood
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